ARt Cart Illustrations

I have gotten a few requests for images of my art cart…and sadly i can not find any pictures. So, I have made some drawings, and I hope that this helps.

This is the art cart.  I believe it is 24″ wide and 48″ long.  It’s a beast and barely fits through the classroom doors.  It is super sturdy and has industrial wheels…very key for moving around campus.

art cart illustration

The drying rack fit perfectly on the top shelf of the art cart.  Not only serving its purpose as a drying rack, it also acted as a means for keeping classroom art separated and organized.

drying rack illustration

To help keep things organized, small, stackable, tupperwear boxes worked amazingly well.

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  1. I like your blog and this work so beautiful of the children. We ask you for permission for adding yourselves to the blog of art of our school (Barcelona):

    Many happiness!

  2. artwithmsb

    I miss your posts! Hope you are well and return soon!

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