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  1. kali

    These are amazing! I would love to know how this was done so that I may try this with my students. What size are they? It looks as though you printed (?) the letters before hand? if so how did you get the medium on top which looks like felt tip pen and a watercolor wash to not interfere with the pre printed letter. I love these!


    • For this project I gave each student a random card with a letter on it. I told them to imagine the letter as a huge piece of play equipment, what could the letter transform into? Slides, swings, teeder-todder, etc. Using a blank sheet of white paper and a pencil I had them draw their letter as play equipment super huge on the paper. I told them that it would be nice if they could show kids playing on the structure as well, because playing on the structure is fun. After using pencil, I had them use felt tip pen to trace their pencil lines and then used a wet paintbrush to go over the pen line. The colorful letter was added by me in Photoshop. All of the letters were laid and transformed into a book. I printed them through blurb.

  2. kali

    that is awesome! thanks for sharing,

  3. Love it and thanks for sharing!

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