Gala Art: Class Portrait Posters

These class portraits are bursting with character.  Posters will be available to buy at the gala! Super cute.


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  1. I would like to know how you had the student work made into such a beautiful poster. Are they sold to the parents? Please let me know the process so I can do this at my school.

    • Leslie,
      I had every student create their own self portrait with pencil, sharpie, and chalk pastel (after a brief “how to draw a face” demonstration). I then took a photograph of each portrait (they could have been scanned as well), laid out each image on a grid in photoshop along with the teachers name an year. It takes some time, but worth it. I am lucky enough to have a massive plotter to print out the posters, but the images could be sent to kinko’s or a specialty printing place.

  2. Cheryl Hancock

    HI love the web site. I was actually interested in how you did the beautiful flowers in the vases.
    I am an art teacher way over in Perth Western Australia
    Cheers Cheryl H

    • Each student made their own flower, first by drawing with a sharpie, then collaged with tissue paper and glitter paint. I created the background and vase with oil paint, on canvas, for the wonderful bouquet of flowers. After cutting out the flowers, I glued the flowers down with modge podge.

  3. Cheryl Hancock

    So every flower was created separately or as a whole bunch? Just love the ideas.

  4. Such a cool idea! Makes me almost wish that I sent my girls to school so that I could suggest this for a fundraiser.

  5. Zandrea

    I love this idea, our classrooms could use a little more emphasis on community and this would be perfect. I’ll have to try it… but on a 0 budget. How much did these cost to get printed?

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