Gala ARt: 2nd grade flowers done!

They are finished, and beautiful!


Galla, Gillespie done


Galla, Gordon flowers

Serafin:Galla, Serafin done


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  1. oooh, even more beautiful than before!

  2. These are phenomenal. I wish I had them in my home!

  3. Thanks for the comments! I really love these paintings as well. I almost wish I didn’t have to give them up.

  4. I would LOVE to do this with my daughters, is there any way, you can put a more step by step approach on exactly how to do this?! they are GORGEOUS!!!!

  5. Mrs. Jensen

    I love these, how are they done? This is my first year teaching art, so I’ve been browsing through different websites for ideas. This one is better than great!

    • Good luck with your first year! It was my first year last year, I had so much fun. There are a lot of great blogs for teaching art and project ideas. I’m glad you like this one. The picture doesn’t do justice to how beautiful and colorful it turned out.

      Project Steps:
      Each student made their own flower, first by drawing with a sharpie, then collaged with tissue paper and glitter paint. I created the background and vase with oil paint, on canvas, for the wonderful bouquet of flowers. After cutting out the flowers, I glued the flowers down with modge podge.

      They also voted on the colors to use for the vase and the table cloth.

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