AFter School: Jam Jar Lanterns

A few weeks ago, my students and I made Jam Jar Lanterns in the Art Cart After School program.  Made using tissue paper, modge podge, jewels, and black puff paint, these jars transformed into beautiful works of hanging art.  after school art lesson

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  1. Wow! Looks like stained glass, i’m doing something similar at the mo!

  2. Kathy

    The Jam Jars look amazing. I would like to make them with my students. Could you send me instructions. I am hoping to be able to burn candles in them as part of a solstice program. Thank you. KB

    • Sorry, I’m getting back to you so late.

      The jam jars were made using jars (they don’t need to be jam jars specifically, just glass), tissue paper, modge podge, paint brush, jewels, black glue (tempera pigment mixed with white glue) and wire.

      1. apply the modge podge to a section of the glass jar with a paint brush and start collaging on bits of tissue paper. Repeat until the jar is covered with tissue paper on the outside.

      2. add decorative lines with the black glue and jewels

      3. let dry

      4. wrap the wire around the top to make it hanagble.

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