Gala ARt: 2nd grade flowers, getting there

Close to the finished product! Some glazing and touch ups, and I think they are done. galla-gordongalla-gillespiegalla-serafin

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  1. I love these. So beautiful. Care to share how you made them? I think the flowers are cut out then pasted on and then the vase and table are painted directly onto the canvas.
    Is that right? I’m dying to try this out!
    thnaks for posting.

    • Your right on!

      Each student made their own flower, first by drawing with a sharpie, then collaged with tissue paper and glitter paint. I created the background and vase with oil paint, on canvas, for the wonderful bouquet of flowers.

  2. Sue

    I enjoyed watching this project as it progressed. They look great. I hope that they raise lots of money for you.

  3. really beautiful. i especially love the third one.

  4. Yay! Thanks Angie. This project is really a show stopper! I think I’ll try it tonight. Thanks!

  5. erika

    Love love love this project. Did students make several flowers? And did they participate in making the background, vase and table? Beautiful!
    ~ erika

  6. angelle marix

    these are unbelievable!!! u did incredible.. love them all!!!!

  7. Amy Floyd

    I am an art teacher that would love to do this project with just my own children. What kind of paper did you use to make the flowers? Was it copy paper or cardstock? These all look amazing. I need one in my house first!! Thanks. Amy Floyd

  8. thanks for the reply! it is taking me longer than i thought to finish but so far it looks great!

  9. shana

    I love the flowers- we are made one for our school auction- I will let you know how much it sells for- thank you for the inspiration! I think I may my own kids make it too! Amazing!!!!!

  10. This is an absolutely gorgeous collection of artwork. Kudos! I wish I could buy one! 🙂

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