Kinder, The Woven House

This was a challenging project, but I’m very pleased with how fabulous the whole thing turned out.  With out my parent help in the classroom, I would question the success rate of this project.  kinder-woven-house-1


Day 1.

For this project I introduced the idea of weaving to the kinders.  On a single sheet of contruction paper we drew a horizontal line about and inch down from the top.  Then using scissors, we cut at least 10 vertical lines from the bottom of the paper to the drawn horizontal line.  This was our loom.  Using strips, about a half of an inch wide, the kinders learned the basics of weaving, over one strip of paper, under the next, over one strip of paper, under the next, over one strip of paper, under the next, etc.  The tricky part was getting the kids to do the opposite with the following strip of paper, under one strip of paper, over the next.  When they filled up their loom, we taped of the ends so the woven masterpiece wouldn’t fall apart, and covered the whole thing with gold glitter glue.

Day 2.

I also included stitching in this project.  First glue the paper weaving to a single sheet of construction paper.  With a secons sheet of construction paper, fold in half, and using a template, trace of half of a house on the folded side, then cut out.  Glue the construction paper (with the house cut out of it) to the weaving (make a weaving sandwich).  Take a hole punch and punch out at least 5 holes on each side.  Then stitch it up with yarn.

This whole project was pretty complicated, and I definitly appreciated my parent help.

oh, inspiration for this project: Miriam Shapiroimages-2


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