Kinder Collage Landscape

kinder-collage-landscape-smallA fun project tearing colorful tissue paper, and gluing it into a landscape.

We first chatted about what a landscape was and reviewed what a horizon line was.  We talked about the colors that we often saw in the sky, and colors we saw in the land and how they changed depending on the time of day.

To get the project started the kinders drew in their horizon line, horizontally, across their paper. Using a glue stick and tissue paper, they added bits of color to make up thier sky and land.  When their whole paper was covered with tissue paper, they used gold glitter glue to secure all the bits of tissue paper and to add a bit of sparkle.


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  1. Sarah

    The children really enjoyed using tissue paper to create their landscape designs – adding the glitter was a lovely idea as well.

    Fantastic resource, thank you! 🙂

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