March 2nd through March 6th

Another fun, creative week for the Art Cart.  I stopped by at the 4th grade classrooms on Monday and 1st grade classrooms on Tuesday and we created self portraits.  On Thursday, the 2nd grade classes finished their Picasso influenced, cubist, gluey self portraits.  The week ended with some excelent collage landscapes with the Kindergarteners on Friday.  This week was also the first work for the after school art program (I will be afterschool every Tuesday and Thursday with a special art project, let me know if your interested!).


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  1. Patricia

    Hello! I am very interested in your after school Art program, as I am also beginning after school art classes at my international school here in Norway!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • So far the program is going well, and the projects are turning out fabulous. I am keeping the class size small ( at 6 students per lesson) and I am really enjoying being able to work with the kids more one on one, and guiding the development of their art more directly.

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