Kinder 10 circles 5 lines

Kinder 10 circles collage, originally uploaded by a_stlkr.

project: i gave the kinders two rules: 1. use 10 circles 2. use 5 lines. They were able to use the circles however they wanted and were able to use any kind of line (curvy, strait, zig-zag). …my two rules were hard to fallow…
1. with a pencil draw 10 circles and 5 lines
2. go over the pencil marks with a black felt tip pen
3. with a wet paint brush, go over the pen lines to create a shadow

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  1. Sue

    I love this idea. I am going to use it with my class in art this week.

  2. I love projects like this that involve simple (though still challenging) instructions, and lots of space for each child to create something original. Did you have any art exemplars that went with this unit? Just curious… Great idea!

    • The first thing I discussed at the start of the lesson was the definition of a circle, it was like a line, but it had no beginning or end, and how when they are drawn, they can over lap, intersect, and circles can be drawn inside of one another. They also can be a variety of sizes. I then talked about a line, having a starting point, and ending point. And then the variety of lines that can be made, strait, curvy, zigzag, thin, thick, long, short, etc. After that I went over the rules of the project, and had them repeat how many circles they were going to draw, 10, and how many lines, 5.

  3. glad this site could help!

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