3rd grade self portrait

3rd grade self portrait collage, originally uploaded by a_stlkr.

Project: to create an image representing themself, focusing on placement of facial features.
1. with a pencil, draw a big oval, taking up most of the paper.
2. lightly draw “guide lines” (slightly curved lines will give the face a rounded appearance, unless you want a flat face); a line down the middle vertically, one slightly above 1/2 way, horizontally, and one a little below 1/2 way, horizontally
3. draw in facial features, eyes on the top line, nose on the middle line, starting at the top level line, mouth on the bottom line, and ears starting at the top line and crazy hair. remember long skinny neck and round sholders.
4. draw over pencil lines with sharpie (remember a sheet of crap paper underneath for table protection from sharpie)
5. add color with chalk pastel, try experimenting with color mixing, invent the perfect hair/skin color
5. spray with a fixative (or hairspray)

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