Gonzales, 1st grade, Mondrian

Gonzales, 1st grade, Mondrian, originally uploaded by a_stlkr.

Piet Mondrian was our focus as we studied geometric shapes and primary colors.
Objective: To construct a composition of primary colors and rectangular geometric shapes.
1. After discussing the work of Piet Mondrian and his attraction to geometry and primary colors, we set to work on our own composition.
2. Using a pencil we outlined various sized rectangular note cards, allowing rectangles to overlap and extend off the paper.
3. With a black crayon, we thickly traced our pencil marks.
4. We used tempera paint (primary colors only) to carefully paint in the rectangles.
5. Let dry and mount!

This was a fun, simple project. Some of the 1st graders took this opportunity, building shapes with rectangles, to create robots. I love imaginative thinking!


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