Jabbour, originally uploaded by a_stlkr.


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  1. How did you all make these??? What did you use for the flowers, vases, and background? They are so bright and have a really cool effect to them… I can’t figure it out, but would love to make these!!! They are fabulous!

    • This was a chalk pastel and glue project.

      With a pencil and a piece of color construction paper each child drew their own imaginary vase and flowers (I told them to invent crazy flowers that no one had ever seen before…and they came up with some interesting ideas like “the soccer ball flower”). After their sketch was done, I had them go over all of their pencil marks with white glue. That was day 1. Day 2 was a coloring day. When the glue had dried, I had the kids experiment with chalk pastel as they colored in the areas of their vase and crazy flower drawing. The pastel didn’t stick to the glue parts of the drawing, allowing the color of the construction paper to show through. I used a hairspray to fix the pastel to the paper.

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