THe ARt Cart: The new art teacher

Hello, my name is Ms. Stalker (a.k.a Angie),

I am the new art teacher at Torrey Pines Elementary School!

I am very exited to be the newest member of an excellent staff and feel honored to be given the opportunity of share my passion for creativity with the amazing kids at Torrey Pines Elementary.

This is now my third week and I have visited all the classrooms and we have started some beautiful projects.  I’m blown away by the talent, the responsibility, and maturity of our students.  I look forward to some amazing projects this year.


About angieastalker

I'm an: Artist Designer Swimmer Wife Sister Daughter Dog Owner Teacher


  1. BStalker

    Nice web site. Cool projects

  2. THANK THE LORD !!! I am truely happy to not be the only new art teacher that has to be on a cart.

    I feel your pain, as I have to travel between two floors of classrooms, and have to teach in three different rooms.

    If you find any good articles or have any hints ……please share them, and I would be glad to share mine.


    Mr. Fox
    High School Art Teacher…….on a cart

    Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada)

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